How Does Designer's Work Make Customer´s Life

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I hope you already got used to our communication and you liked it. In previous article, we shared with you some secrets and key knowledge about marble, cut-to-size works and budget. So now it is a time when curtain comes down on another case…designing and how does it work! You will get it from the horse’s mouth. For that, our designer Kutaiba Daoud will share his experience... More than one year we have been working together and we decided to take a little interview hoping that this format of dialogue you may like.

- What does one designer’s work mean for you?

 It’s something very nice and at the same time very hard because it depends on your mood, your emotions. When you feel a lot of energy you can create really good product, when you are not, whatever you do by the end of the day may go to the bin even it was nice from the first sight, but you didn’t “fall in love” with your design. A lot of things I try, I change details this and that, but if I’m not in a mood of creating I just it and start from the zero. It’s like writing. When an author writes new poem or novel if he doesn’tlike a line he may eliminate the whole paragraph or start the story from the beginning. From the history ofliterature we already know the examples when great authors burnt their novels and world never saw these works of literature.


- Interesting comparison. I didn’t think about it. Ok, I know you had a working experience with companies and individual client, so in your opinion what is the difference in work for one or another one?

- First of all working for one marble company is not the same as working for designing one. Here I learned a lot about different types of marbles and other stones, what are their qualities, what is the difference between italian Statuario, Calacatta, Carrara,

Arabescato and greek Tasos, Volakas and Sivec for example. Other story is when you are making a project for the customer. He worries about the budget first of all, usage and quality of marble. So as a designer you try to predict his ideas and put them into effect.

There are individual clients as well who doesn’t work with a designer and don’t have any ready project, but they come to buy marble from us. They choose Lemurian marble for example and can not imagine how it will look like in interior, so I can help them and according the given sizes of house space make several drafts to make it visible for them. It’s hard because these clients know nothing about the marble and how to work with it. That is why seldom I may say that this or that variant is not workable. Or they come with the pictures they took from internet, but these pictures are so different one from another one and I understand that client doesn’t have the clear idea of his “dream design”.

But here, in the company it’s completely different. Here you have a freedom to draw whatever you want.

- Do you give advices to your clients though?

- For sure! As I said when the client comes he may be doctor, electrical engineer or housewife and they have no idea about designs’techniques difference between Calacatta and Carrara, or nature of marble itself and its characteristics. As a designer I intend to fulfil my client’s dream.

 What shall the client start with if he wants natural stone in his house?

- First of all, he should define his budget, know the measurements or have a plan of space where the design will be implemented. Then designer makes several drafts, customer chooses the one he likes, if we agreed about the details of the project, here in the warehouse from our collection we choose the marble, agree about pattern and tone, after that we can go and take the precise measurements. It is important because in marble installation even 2 cm can make a big difference.

After the drawing is optimized to exact sizes you send the drawing to the company which makes cut-to-size product and installs it. And don’t forget as well that marble as any natural stone requires some special treatments, so you should consider there you are going to apply it and how you are going to use it. But whatever you do I strongly believe that applying of marble in interior design gives to the space sort of glamorous and uniqueness since there are no exactly similar pieces of the stone in the world, every pattern is particular. .

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"Savaş Mermer"