Beauty Of Nature…

Hello dear customer. We are happy to see you here. A little while ago we with our social media team took a decision to start a new section in our web page, which will be dedicated to the most relevant issues. By writing articles, we expect to clarify doubts and accede to the request about the most common questions and problems, which our customers and clients may face before the buying or working on their project.


It’s not a secret that “Savas Mermer” company is already well known not only in Turkey. Every time we try to build long term and reliable relationship with every client who we meet. “Savas Mermer” team is young, energetic and got accumulated years of experience working on our clients´ projects. As well one of our advantages is that we are multilanguage. We are able to communicate in English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindu, Russian.


This blog won´t be dedicated only to the work and current projects we are dealing with, but also to the basis of our work, marbles. Many of everymen don’t know what is the difference between Carrara and Calacatta, why Statuario is more expensive then Statuarietto, why the stone from the same bench may have different character and consequently other name.

As well we want to be useful for our clients and the people who are interested in natural stones. So if you have doubts or you want us to answer your questions get in contact with us ( and next time we will publish the article about the interested theme.

Your team,
"Savaş Mermer"